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Easy Ways to Mix and Match Patterns in your Home

One great way to spice up a room and jazz up the settings when redecorating your home is to play with patterns and textures. While it is not difficult to combine patterns and textures to give a completely different look to a home, the look can be quite overwhelming if it is not done in the right way. Here is a guide on how to combine different patterns with different textures for home refurbishment.

• Simple colours with simple patterns
If you are not sure or are inexperienced and are trying out patterns and textures for the first time, you should start with simple colours and simple patterns for home renovation. A simple turquoise colour combined with a simple pattern in the rug or the curtains can uplift your room.

• Rustic look with texture
Along with using various kinds of patterns to spice up your rooms, you can use a little texture too. Give that unique rustic look to your bedroom by adding a hardwood texture as a headboard on your bed. You can add some dry tree branches in a vase to add to the overall outdoor rustic feeling of the room. The small subtle textures like those of the dry branches would add to the larger picture to create a unique interior decor in your home renovation project.

• Mix and match patterns
If you have experience in playing with patterns for decorating your home, you can start to mix and match patterns to redecorate your space. You can use bold patterns on items like rugs, paintings and curtains while smaller and subtler patterns can be used on the upholstery. To ensure that the room does not look like a mess, make sure you colour coordinate the patterns.  Mix and match to give your room a personal touch.

• Mix textures with patterns
One of the best and easiest ways to try your hands on redecorating your home by combining both textures and patterns is to start with the windows. To add texture, use bamboo shades that not only look extremely unique and beautiful but offer excellent privacy as well. To add pattern, use a coloured and patterned curtain on the window. If the combination looks good that would tell you that you are ready to take your pattern with texture combining to the next stage.

• Animal prints
A great pattern that you can use to redecorate your home that will add texture to your rooms is animal prints. With animal print patterns, your home improvement job will become much easier. Use zebra prints and cheetah prints to strategically create a space that is not only unique but has your signature style. For instance, you can use the zebra stripes on the cushion covers and the cheetah spots on the rug.

• Geometric pattern
Geometric patterns are at present the most popular kinds of patterns that you can use for your property refurbishment. You can use different kinds of bold geometric patterns as your wallpaper and another softer geometric pattern as a rug. Take the help of local handymen to put up the wallpaper. Just make sure you do not go overboard using the geometric patterns. Balance out the patterns by using a bold pattern against a soft pattern while also coordinating the colours.

By using the above tips, you can easily redecorate your home with patterns and textures that will give a completely different look to your rooms. It will not only spice up your home but also give it a personal touch.